Fabric Removal and Installation

Fabric Removal

Located at one of the hoops (the space frame roof sections that fit into the columns) is a turnbuckle. This turnbuckle is used to apply tension to a cable located in the hem of the fabric.

Before you can remove the fabric you need to release the tension on this cable by turning the turnbuckle. When the turnbuckle is completely open the cable will be slack enough to remove the turnbuckle from its hook and then the fabric from the spaceframe. This is done by unhooking the cable and fabric at each column/hoop location from its strainers.

After the fabric has been unhooked it can be removed from the structure, taking care that the fabric does not hook onto anything causing it to tear.

The cable can be left in the fabric hem during storage. The fabric can now be folded and stored until re-installation.

Fabric Re-Installation

Your first task is to get the fabric onto the spaceframe. To do this you need to make sure that you have the right side facing up (the seams should be on the underside) and the fabric should be oriented correctly so that it fits onto the spaceframe. To do this measure the sides of the fabric and the distance between the columns and match these to each other.

Another easy way is to make sure that the fabric is the right way up (seams should be on underside) and then locate the 2 exposed cable ends and match this with the ring that the turnbuckle will attach to.

Unfold fabric on the ground and attach ropes to two of the corners. The ropes can easily be thrown over the frame. Use the ropes to pull and guide the fabric over the frame and into position, making sure it does not get caught on anything causing it to tear.

When the fabric is in position it can be hooked over the strainers located at each hoop/column location. This might require some effort to pull the fabric over the strainers, especially for bigger covers. This is because the fabric has a little stretch in it. The best way to achieve this is to pull and release, pull and release the fabric  until it goes over the strainer.

It is very important to make sure that the cable, exposed at each hoop/column location from its hem, is hooked over the strainer before tensioning the cable. If the cable is not hooked over the strainer, the fabric will tear when you apply tension to the cable.

The 2 cable ends and the turnbuckle will now be located at the hoop/column with a ring welded to the bottom, used to receive the turnbuckle. Take each end of the cable around that column and then attach it to the turnbuckle.

Apply tension to the cable by turning the turnbuckle and therefore the fabric. The correct tension will allow about 6” of downward movement when applying tension with one finger in the center between 2 columns.