The climate in Southwest Florida is beautiful but the harmful rays of the sun can be very damaging.  Coastal Canvas and Awning company is here to protect you, your family and your investments from these damaging sun rays.  Coastal Canvas and Awning Company has been providing Shadeports throughout all of Southwest Florida.  Our Shadeports have been protecting residents in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples and all surrounding areas from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

What is a Shadeport?  

A shadeport is an outdoor galvanized steel frame structure with a fabric cover attached to the frame at each corner by a tensioned perimeter steel cable. Shadeports are structures which are designed to protect people and property from the harmful UV rays of the sun, heat and weather conditions.  

Shadeports are an economical way to provide coverage for large areas

  • Parks, Schools & Recreation–  Shades children in parks and play areas, swimming pools and patios, Protects spectators on bleachers, Picnic Areas
  • Automotive & Storage–  Automobile Lot Highlighting (logos optional), Car Wash Entry & Exit, Auto, RV & Boat Storage
  • Commercial & Residential Parking–  Turn parking into profit centers, comfort zones for guests, add beauty, comfort & style, increase property value
  • Hospitality & Residential–  Pools, patios and decks, Beach and poolside cabanas, Outdoor event staging, outdoor dining